The range in Finnley's Care Collection for color treated hair...

Beautiful, shiny colored hair with sunflower extract to protect the color of the hair.

Color Keeper Shampoo is suitable for colored hair and contains Color Protein Complex with extracts of sunflower oil to avoid the color fades more slowly and the gloss is retained. A special UV filter protects against ultra-violet radiation. The Color Keeper Shampoo is available in 250ml and 1000ml for professional use.

Color Keeper Mask is an intensive color treatment and provides protection from color fading through Color Protein Complex. The hair keeps its shine and is easy to comb through. Color Keeper Mask is available in 200ml and 500ml for professional use.

Color Keeper Leave-In is a mask in a spray for colored hair. The hydrating intensive treatment gives soft and smooth hair and prevents color fading. Color Keeper Leave-In is available in 150ml


Give your hair the sparkle again with the Silver Care Range. De range contains a shampoo. Mask and Mousse special developed for blond, grey or white hair. De product neutralizes the yellow undertones in the hair with the result that your hair will be beautiful blond, grey or white after using the products. Please be aware that when you are very enthusiastic when using this products very often, you hair can turn out blue or violet.

Silver Shine Shampoo, Available in 250ml or 1000ml for professional use

Silver Shine Mousse, Available in 150ml.

Silver Shine Mask, Available in 200ml