The Anti Hairloss solution...

STEP 1: CG&E Shampoo

STEP 2: CG&E Lotion.

Step 3: Hair Tabs.

CG&E is an anti-hair loss system that consists of three parts: a Shampoo, Lotion and Hair Tabs. CG&E stands for the three essential ingredients to combat hair loss or stimulate hair growth: Caffeine, Ginseng and Essential oils and vitamins. Products in this Anti Hair Loss Range contain these main ingredients and where the shampoo and lotion do their work from the outside, the Hair Tabs work from the inside. Use of these three products stimulates hair growth, promotes cell division, strengthens the hair shaft and promotes circulation to the scalp from both the inside and the outside.

Caffeine counteracts the effects of DHT, a hormone that damages hair follicles and causes hair loss. Caffeine promotes hair growth by making the hair shaft longer and stronger

Ginseng has traditionally been used against hair loss or thinning hair. It promotes the circulation of the scalp so that hair roots are stimulated and therefore ensures healthier hair growth

Essential vitamins consist of Biotin, Niacin (vitamin B2), Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Copper

The Anti Hair Loss Shampoo prevents hair loss through a high-quality formula with delicate surfactants, does not contain SLES and SLS and is rich in stimulating ingredients for the scalp such as caffeine, ginseng and protective ingredients: aloe, jojoba that restores and normalizes the balance of the scalp while the hair is hydrated and feels softer. Daily use of the shampoo selectively cleanses the hair and scalp. It cleanses the hair follicles from impurities and thereby stimulates natural hair growth. Strong, clean and voluminous hair as a result.

Use: the shampoo can be used daily on the hair and scalp, massage the shampoo with fingertips, leave for three minutes and rinse thoroughly. The shampoo is available in 250ml.

Anti Hair Loss Lotion is a concentrated lotion against hair loss and contains caffeine, ginseng and essential oils. Improves and stimulates the circulation of the scalp, nourishes the hair root deep inside and promotes faster and more powerful hair growth while the lotion gives a sensational freshness.

The high-quality formula with selected essential oils helps to regulate and normalize the balance of the scalp. It helps the hair follicle in its main function to nourish and grow healthy hair while providing strength and volume. For optimal results and counteracting additional problems such as slow hair growth, thinning hair, dull hair, lifeless hair or hair that has lost its vitality, it is wise to use the lotion regularly and constantly.

Use: the Anti Hair Loss Lotion (1 ampoule) should be applied daily to the scalp and hair. Gently massage in so that the Lotion is properly applied to the hair and scalp. Do not rinse the lotion. Complete the course of 10 ampoules for optimal results and repeat this course at least twice a year.

The lotion is available in 10x10 ampoules of 10ml.

Finnley's Hair Tabs work from the inside out on the basis of essential vitamins such as:

Biotin nourishes the skin from within and supports the condition of the hair.

Folic acid promotes cell division and growth of hair follicles.

Niacin (Vitamin B2) nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. A shortage of Niacin makes the hair dry, lifeless or brittle.

Vitamin B3 dilates the blood vessels and stimulates the blood supply in the scalp, allowing nutrients to reach the hair and scalp better. It can also lower cholesterol, which can contribute to a reduction in hair loss.

Vitamin B5 provides elasticity, strength and shine. Helps prevent hair loss and graying.

Iron is a mineral that contributes to hair growth. It transports and supplies oxygen to the hair to stimulate growth.

Calcium strengthens hair and nails.

Vitamin B6 ensures the maintenance of a healthy scalp.

Vitamin C helps produce and maintain healthy collagen; promotes hair health by protecting the cells in the follicles and surrounding blood vessels.

Copper provides the pigmentation of the hair.

Use: 1 Hair Tab daily. Note: do not exceed the daily amount and do not use the tablet as a meal replacement