In the event of a discrepancy or conflict between these general terms and conditions and a translated version hereof, the Dutch tekst will apply. In disputes related tot he interpretation of these conditions, the Dutch tekst will prevail.

General terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment

Salon Partners Benelux BV, also in its capacity as owner of the trademark Finnley's and registered in the trade register under number 64755371 in The Hague, office-based De Schutterij 12, 3905PL in Veenendaal.

Hereafter referred to as Salon Partners;

Table of contents:

Article 0: EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/AVG)

Article 1: Definition

Article 2: General/Applicability

Article 3: Offers/Industrial property

Article 4: Agreement

Article 5: Prices

Article 6: Payment

Article 7: Retention of title

Article 8: Delivery by Salon Partners, delivery time, risk

Article 9: Delivery by third party suppliers

Article 10: Complaints on products delivered by Salon Partners/packaging

Article 11: Force majeure

Article 12: Dissolution

Article 13: Liability

Article 14: Other obligations of the buyer

Article 15: Amendments

Article 16: Applicable law and disputes


Article 0: EU Regulation (GDPR/AVG)

On 25 May 2018, the new general EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force, tightening the rules for companies on the storage and processing of personal (customer) data. From now on, this will apply throughout Europe.

With this renewed General Conditions we want to inform you about our privacy policy and how we use your data. If you have any questions about this, you can of course always ask them by telephone or email.

You do not have to do anything else.

How do we use your data?

At Salon Partners we always handle your details with care. In doing so, we only ask for the information necessary to perform our services.

Sometimes we may share certain data with other parties, such as suppliers to deliver material on location. Again, we only share the necessary information.

We will never store your data unnecessarily. The basic principle is that we only store personal data for the purpose of the necessary processing and comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

At the end of the customer relationship we will destroy or anonymize the customer data. Or sooner, if an objection is made to direct marketing or if permission for this is withdrawn.

For this reason, the conditions for the processing of personal data have been modified. Without consent to the new conditions, no commercial messages or newsletters will be sent as of 25 May 2018.

Placing an order and/or follow-up order implies that you are in agreement with the new conditions and that you wish to receive or continue to receive information about our special offers, benefits and news and to remain a subscriber to our newsletters.

If you do not agree with the new conditions for your processing of personal data, please let us know.

Article 1: Definition

1. In these General Terms and Conditions, Salon Partners shall be understood to mean: Salon Partners Benelux BV.

2. For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, 'buyer' shall also be understood to mean the party on whose instructions and for whose account, services are provided, as well as the party with whom purchase agreements for the delivery of products are concluded.

Article 2: General/applicability

1. These terms and conditions apply to the exclusion of the General Terms and Conditions of Buyers to all offers, purchase agreements and deliveries of products and to all offers and agreements such as the provision of services between Salon Partners and its buyers.

2. Any terms and conditions of purchase or other terms and conditions shall only form part of an agreement to the extent that such terms and conditions or stipulations have been expressly accepted by Salon Partners in writing.

3. Purchaser with whom Salon Partners has contracted on (other) General Terms and Conditions in the past, agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions to subsequent agreements between purchaser and Salon Partners.

Article 3: Offers/Industrial property

1. All offers in price lists, circulars, advertisements, order confirmations, letters, wherever published or however done, are always without obligation.

2. All rights by virtue of industrial and intellectual property, as well as copyrights, remain vested in Salon Partners.

Article 4: Agreement

1. An agreement is concluded at the moment that Buyer places an order via the webshop, or by telephone, e-mail or in writing, unless Salon Partners informs Buyer within 24 hours after placing the order by telephone, e-mail and/or in writing that it does not accept the order. The foregoing also applies to suppliers designated by Salon Partners, from whom Buyer orders directly.

Article 5: Prices

1. All prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) and expressed in Euros (€), unless explicitly stated otherwise.

2. All prices shall be based on the price lists applicable at the time of the conclusion of the agreement, or subsequent quotations via a system automated by Salon Partners, or by e-mail or in writing.

3. If one or more cost price factors undergo an increase after the conclusion of the agreement, Salon Partners shall be entitled to pass these on in the price.

Article 6: Payment

1. All payments shall be collected by direct debit within 8 days of the invoice date, unless Salon Partners will demand cash payment upon delivery. Salon Partners shall be entitled to demand cash payment in the event that the Buyer is in default of payment of any other claim of Salon Partners on the Buyer.

2. In the event that the Buyer has not paid on time or in full, or has not been able to pay by direct debit for whatever reason, it shall be in default by operation of law without any further notice of default being required. In that case, all claims of Salon Partners against Buyer to which these General Terms and Conditions apply shall be instantly and immediately due and payable. In that case the buyer shall also owe Salon Partners an annual interest rate of 3% above the 3-month Euribor interest rate applied by the Nederlandse Bank at that time, with a minimum of 8.5%, whereby part of a month shall count as a full month.

3. All costs related to the collection, in particular extrajudicial costs, will be for the account of the buyer. The extrajudicial costs are set at a minimum of 15% of the principal amount due, with an absolute minimum of € 150, -.

4. Any payment made by the buyer shall first serve to pay the interest owed and then to pay the costs arising from the collection, with the exception of judicial costs. Only after these amounts have been paid will any payment by the Buyer be applied to the principal amount of the outstanding claims, whereby the oldest outstanding claim will be written off first.

5. Buyer shall not be entitled to apply set-off in respect of amounts charged by Salon Partners pursuant to an agreement existing between them.

6. Salon Partners shall at all times be entitled, also during the execution of the agreement, to suspend the fulfilment of its obligation, until the buyer, at Salon Partners' request, has provided security for the fulfilment of its payment obligations. In addition, Salon Partners shall be entitled to require security for future deliveries to the buyer.

Article 7: Retention of title

1. The ownership of all products delivered by Salon Partners to the buyer shall remain with Salon Partners for as long as the buyer has not paid Salon Partners' claims in respect of a sales agreement or for any reason whatsoever, for as long as the buyer has not paid the work performed or to be performed under any other agreement, and for as long as the buyer has not paid Salon Partners' claims on account of failure to fulfil such obligations, including claims in respect of penalties, interest and costs. Salon Partners shall in that case be entitled to bring the products delivered under its control, including entering the Buyer's premises, in order to retrieve the relevant products from the Buyer's shop and warehouse itself. Packaging never becomes the property of Buyer.

2. The buyer is permitted to sell the products delivered under retention of title to third parties in the normal course of his business. The buyer is absolutely not permitted to sell the products delivered online and/or outside the course of his business to third parties without prior written confirmation.

The Buyer is not entitled to establish a pledge or a non-possessory pledge on the products delivered by Salon Partners.

3. All promotional items remain the property of Salon Partners and must be returned at all times; if invoiced they will be credited.

4. In case of exchanges of competing products, a minimum period of 3 years is set whereby Salon Partners invests in the future cooperation through the full exchange. If the cooperation is terminated within this period, Salon Partners may pass on part of the costs to the buyer.

5. In addition to the retention of title referred to in Article 7.1, the Buyer undertakes, at Salon Partners' first request to that end, to reserve a non-possessory pledge and, to the extent necessary, to establish a lien on the products delivered by Salon Partners to the Buyer in its ownership, as security for all existing and future claims of Salon Partners, on any account whatsoever.

Article 8: Delivery by Salon Partners, delivery time, risk

1. The orders will be delivered by Salon Partners, according to a delivery schedule to be announced by Salon Partners. Salon Partners has the right to change or amend this schedule at any time. Furthermore, the Buyer shall observe the instructions given by Salon Partners with regard to the way in which orders are to be placed. In the event that the Buyer deviates from the manner of ordering set out by Salon Partners, the (additional) costs incurred in this respect shall be charged to the Buyer.

2. Agreed delivery times shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing, never be regarded as firm dates. If any deadline threatens to be exceeded, Salon Partners and buyer shall consult with each other as soon as possible. In the event of late delivery, Salon Partners must be given notice of default with due observance of a reasonable period of time.

3. Delivery shall be carriage paid within the Netherlands, unless otherwise agreed. Salon Partners shall be entirely at liberty to determine the manner of transport in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions; in all cases where the products are not delivered in accordance with the delivery schedule at the request of buyer, the transport costs shall be entirely at buyer's expense.

4. Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 3 of this article, Buyer shall bear the risk for all direct and indirect damage caused to or by the delivered products or parts thereof immediately after delivery.

Article 9: Delivery by third party suppliers

1. Salon Partners is authorised to make use of third party suppliers to be designated by Salon Partners. When selecting the third party supplier, Salon Partners shall exercise due care.

2. The third party supplier delivers the products to be paid for via Salon Partners directly to the buyer. Where applicable, the buyer may order the products of the third party supplier directly from Salon Partners. In the event of direct deliveries, payment shall continue to be made by Salon Partners.

3. Salon Partners shall not be liable for shortcomings and/or faulty deliveries by the third party supplier. Salon Partners shall assist the Purchaser as much as possible in submitting any claims for damages that the Purchaser may have against the third-party supplier, in the event of shortcomings and/or defective deliveries by the third-party supplier.

Article 10: Complaints on products/packaging supplied by Salon Partners

1. Upon delivery and receipt of the products delivered by Salon Partners, the Buyer shall check whether the delivery corresponds to his order.

2. Complaints with regard to visible defects and/or defects or surpluses in the delivery must be reported to Salon Partners immediately, but no later than 24 hours after the delivery date. As far as possible, reports as described must be made via the computerised system supplied and/or designated by Salon Partners. Other complaints regarding delivered products shall only be handled by Salon Partners if they have been brought to the attention of Salon Partners within 24 hours after the Buyer could reasonably have discovered the defect. After expiry of this period, Buyer shall be deemed to have found the goods delivered to be in order.

3. If the Buyer has more than three defects on a single consignment, Salon Partners shall make good the defects free of charge within 48 hours of notification. Exceptions to this rule are defects caused by failure to deliver to Salon Partners by the supplier and/or manufacturer for whatever reason.

4. Any rights under this article only apply to the first buyer. Buyer does not have the right to suspend payment of the delivered goods on the grounds of apparent defects; if the complaint proves to be well-founded, a refund may be made at a later date.

5. Goods delivered may only be returned by Buyer after agreement and with the express consent of Salon Partners and via the special return procedure for that purpose.

6. Exchange of articles is only and only possible if this exchange is desired as a result of a demonstrable and culpable error on the part of Salon Partners. In that case, articles will be exchanged for the correct article at the next shipment, provided that these articles are offered in closed, original factory packaging as delivered.

Article 11: Force majeure

1. Salon Partners shall not be obliged to comply with any obligation if it is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance for which it is not to blame, nor is it accountable to Salon Partners by virtue of law, legal act or generally accepted opinion.

2. In the event that Salon Partners, due to force majeure, or due to other extraordinary circumstances, such as but not limited to strikes, stagnation in the supply of products, port strikes and fire, either at Salon Partners or at its suppliers, is unable to fulfil its obligations under the agreement, Salon Partners shall have the right to execute the agreement within a reasonable period of time, or - in the event that fulfilment within a reasonable period of time is not possible - to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part.

3. The Buyer is not entitled to dissolve the agreement in the aforementioned case.

Article 12: Dissolution

1. In the event that Buyer fails to fulfil one or more of its obligations arising from the agreement, or fails to do so on time or properly, Salon Partners shall be entitled, without further notice of default or judicial intervention being required, and without being obliged to pay any compensation, to suspend the delivery of the products and/or to dissolve the relevant sales agreement by means of a written notification to Buyer, with immediate effect, without prejudice to all other rights to which Salon Partners is entitled.

2. If, at the time of dissolution, the buyer had already received performance in execution of the agreement, the agreement shall only be dissolved in part and only for that part that has not yet been performed by Salon Partners. Amounts invoiced by Salon Partners prior to the dissolution in connection with what it has already performed or delivered in execution of the agreement shall remain payable in full and shall become immediately due and payable at the moment of dissolution.

3. All claims of Salon Partners shall be immediately due and payable in full if Purchaser fails to fulfil its obligations, or in the event of its bankruptcy or suspension of payments, or if Purchaser for whatever reason loses or threatens to lose free disposal of its assets or part thereof. In such a case, Salon Partners shall have the right to dissolve or suspend the agreement in whole or in part with immediate effect, without judicial intervention, by means of a written notification to the Buyer, without prejudice to its right to compensation for damages.

Article 13: Liability

1. Salon Partners accepts legal obligations to pay compensation to the extent that the buyer demonstrates by legal means that the damage was caused by gross negligence or negligence Salon Partners.

2. The liability for damage ensuing from Article 13.1 shall be explicitly limited to an amount equal to the invoiced amount in the principal sum, relating to the products supplied and/or services rendered.

3. Any further liability on the part of Salon Partners for damage, including but not limited to liability for employees and auxiliary persons, shall be excluded, on any basis whatsoever, including all direct and indirect damage, such as consequential damage or loss of profits. Furthermore, the buyer shall indemnify Salon Partners against all claims by third parties in respect of any damage suffered or to be suffered by them, with due observance of the provisions of this Article.

Article 14: Other obligations of Purchaser

1. Buyer shall be obliged to immediately notify Salon Partners in writing if its bankruptcy or suspension of payments is applied for, or if Buyer loses or threatens to lose free disposal of all or part of its assets for any reason whatsoever.

Article 15: Changes

1. These General Terms and Conditions may be amended by Salon Partners, but these amendments shall not apply to buyer until buyer has been informed of these amendments.

Article 16: Applicable law and disputes

1. Agreements between Salon Partners and buyer shall be governed exclusively by Dutch law.

2. All disputes between Salon Partners and its buyers shall be submitted to the competent court in Salon Partners' place of business or, at the choice of Salon Partners, to the competent court in the buyer's place of residence.



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