Speed ​​Bleach is a liquid that works through the use of a "regular" hair straightener and brightens the hair up to 3 shades on colored hair. The liquid does not need to be rinsed after use. Also, the liquid does not have to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide, the product can be used directly. Note: do not use the product on bleached hair.


The Film Bleach contains the film effect that allows you to bleach the hair without foils, without staining or stamping. Film Bleach can brighten up to 6 shades. How to use: mixing ratio 1: 2 in combination with 10, 20, 30, 40 Volume Developer according to the desired effect. Can be used for all bleaching techniques.


Finnley's Cream Bleach is a last generation bleaching paste. Fast, powerful and environmentally friendly. Dust-free, protects the hair during the bleaching process and lights up to 9 shades. Mixing ratio 1:1 with 10,20,30,40 Volume Cream Developers. Available in 250gr. packing.


Finnley's Perfect 10 bleaching powder combines speed, hair protection with very strong clarification for excellent results. Perfect 10 can brighten up to 10 shades while staying healthy and hydrated. Suitable for all bleaching techniques and available in a 500gr. pot.

Mixing ratio: 1: 2 with 10,20,30,40 Volume Cream Developer. Processing time: 10-50 minutes depending on the desired color height.