The perfect mix between Trend & Tradition...

Finnley's HAIR CREAM COLOR is a permanent haircolor which also can be used as a semi-permanent haircolor by simply using the same tube but with a 5 volume developer..

The colorchart contains 110 colors and yet the salon only has 43 colors on stock. The mix formula's are mentioned above all the colorswatches in an easy to use formula. The Colors are packed in a stylish 100ml. tube.

The Hair Cream Color contains:

-Thermal water -Collagen -Hyaluronic Acid, all to protect the scalp and the internal structure during the coloring proces, to keep the hair from drying out and keep the elasticity of the hair.

To create and give the ultimate shine to the hair we added the unique Brilliant lux 3D  and Diamond complex.

But when you make a hair color offcourse you need excellent coverage and longlasting colors. For this reason we invested in NANO colorpigments which gives you the highest grade in colorpigments possible, which will make you see more color per mm2. Because of the size of the NANO colorpigments we also can offer the lowest ammonia grade possible in the market and the last thing we did is to make it fragrance neutral.


Lift up and color in 1 treatment...

Lift & Color is a product which can lift up 5-8 levels and will color the hair in the same treatment. The range can be used on natural or colored hair. The processing time is between 10-45min.