The perfect mix between Trend & Tradition...

The Hair Cream Color is an odor-neutral permanent, semi, or demi-permanent hair color that contains only 1.1% ammonia. Due to the nano-pigments in the Hair Cream Color, pigments can penetrate deep into the hair fiber, so that a high percentage of ammonia is not necessary and the hair is not damaged unnecessarily. Hair Cream Color stands for optimal care for both scalp and hair, (gray) coverage by nano-pigments, intense colors, durability and ultimate shine.

The coloring book contains 110 colors that can be made with only 48 color tubes. The mix recipes are listed with each color swatch. Hair Cream Color is enriched with:

Thermal water - Hyaluronic acid - Collagen

Ensures that the hair is optimally hydrated and cared for during the coloring process, retains its elasticity and prevents aging.

Patented Brilliant lux 3D (synthetic diamond grit) - Mullein extract

Provides a natural UV filter for optimal color retention and exceptional shine

The Hair Cream Color is a 100ml tube.


Lift up and color in 1 treatment...

Lift & Color is a product which can lift up 5-8 levels and will color the hair in the same treatment. The range can be used on natural or colored hair. The processing time is between 10-45min.