The ancient tradition of hair coloring

A very long time ago, colors were traditionally made from plants, flowers or insects. Colors had a different type of meanings during the century's. Even in the caves there were found ways to tell stories by using (plant-based) colors and drawings. Later, the Egyptians experimented with plant-based hair coloring to cover their grey hair and to symbolize status. Beauty became more important, the ways to make color evolved and the Romans and Greeks also found other ways to express their status and beauty with hair colors. In the 19th century, the synthetic version of hair coloring was discovered and after this the evolving of coloring was going fast.... In India they celebrate the Holi festival, a tradition where old flows into new and where color powders are used to be equal to each other. Color is always important for us to express ourselves. Nowadays we found out that the traditional ways of hair coloring in combination with new modern technologies, is also a perfect way to color our hair, without using any chemical treatment. Tinctoria is a new way of coloring with respect for the ancient traditions of our ancestors and all our knowledge of hair color and modern techniques.