SUNBLOCK SHAMPOO - Shampoo specifically formulated for sun-damaged hair. Thanks to the formula which contains Argan, Aloe Vera and sun filters, it regenerates and hydrates the skin, body and hair. It effectively eliminates salt and chlorine residues. SLES and Paraben-free formula. Ideal and recommended for frequent use. Directions for use: apply to damp hair and massage. Wait two minutes before rinsing. 

SUNBLOCK MASK - Moisturizing and Restoring mask. Regenerates, restructures, detangles, and repairs damages caused from exposure to the sun, saltiness, chlorine, wind. Enriched with Argan Oil which moisturizes the hair and uv-block which protects the hair from uv-rays. Directions: apply on lenghts and ends, wait 2 minutes before rinsing off and dry.

SUNBLOCK ARGAN OILArgan Oil which contains a concentrated formula with advanced restructuring and moisturizing properties. Ideal for dry, dehydrated, damaged hair. The presence of Vitamin E makes it the undisputed beauty elixir. Use: apply to damp hair and dry; alternatively, apply to dry hair to put the final touch.