The hair & skincare solution for daily use or the easy solution for your holiday...

Multifunctional hair and body cream. Finnley's Dream Cream. How to use: 1) Anti-Frizz for dry hair: Apply a small amount to the length and ends of washed and towel-dried hair. 2) Hand Cream: Apply to hands for an extra perfumed and extra silky effect. 3) Body cream: Apply to the body as a moisturizer and softener. 4) Face Cream: Apply the product in the morning and evening and massage until completely absorbed. 5) Lip Balm: Apply the product to keep lips moisturized and protected from cold, wind and air. 6) Massage Cream: Apply all over the body. Its beautiful texture gives you a feeling of complete well-being. 7) Moisturizing Mask: Apply in amounts to washed and towel-dried hair. Wait 5 minutes, rinse. 8) Extra moisturizing anti-frizz hair mask: Apply generously to hair, wait 10 minutes, rinse and knead. 9) Face Mask: Apply generously, wait 15 minutes and rinse. 10) Make-up remover: Apply to face and massage to remove impurities. Flush.