The extra care and repair range within Finnley's Care Collection...

Hair that need intensive care. Hair Repair Shampoo treats the hair so that it looks vibrant and healthy again. Hair Repair Shampoo gives smoothness, shine and elasticity to dry and damaged hair. This is obtained by means of the specially designed Intensive protein complex enriched with argan oil. Hair Repair Shampoo is available in 250ml and 1000ml for professional use.

Finnley's Hair Repair Mask is an intensive hair treatment for dry and damaged hair. Prolonged protection against dehydration without weighing the hair making it soft, smooth and shiny. Finnley's Hair Repair Mask is available in 200ml and 500ml for professional use.

Lightweight leave-in serum, the ideal caregiver for every hair type. Protects the hair, gives a sunny shine by polishing the hair and making the hair silky smooth. The hair remains light. Hair repair Liquid Silk Serum is available in 100ml. Use a small amount into damp or dry hair for super shine and care.