The range to create VOLUME, without making the hair greasy or wearing it down...

Rootlifter is a hairmousse which needs to be placed on the roots of the hair to creat awesome volume. The Rootlifter comes in a 200ml. aerosol and has a heatprotector to protect the hair of the heat of the blowdryer.

Create a beachlook with Finnley's Seasalt Spray. Spray close to the roots of the hair, use your finger tips and let the hair dry or go for more volume and blowdry after. The Seasalt Spray comes in a 150ml. spray bottle.

Volume Puff Stuff gives instant Volume! Put the Volume Tuff Stuff powder on the roots of the hair and rub the powder into the hair and you got.... VOLUME! The Volume Tuff Stuff comes in a 10gram package.

Blowdry Mist: Specially blowdrying, scrunch and water wave techniques. Medium holdfactor and gives the hair volume and shine. Hold factor 4. Available in 150 ml.