The range to create VOLUME, without making the hair greasy or wearing it down...

Rootlifter Mousse gives the hair volume from the roots and gives more volume than a traditional hair mousse. Available in 200ml

Create a beach look with the Sea Salt Spray. Spray the product on the roots of dry hair and shape the hair with the fingertips. For extra volume or rough texture; blow dry the hair. Sea Salt Spray is available in 150ml.

You can create a volume boost with the Volume Puff Stuff. Apply this styling powder to the roots of your hair and rub it further into the hair with your fingertips and voila ... volume! Available in a 10gr bottle.

Blowdry Mist, especially for hair dryer, scrunch and water wave techniques. With a hold factor 4, it provides strong hold, volume and shine. Available in 150ml

DRY Shampoo: this dry shampoo has an invisible formula so that the spray does not leave any haze in the hair. DRY Shampoo gives fresh hair and volume. 150ml.